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I am going to write until this song is done. It’s my favorite song, So Long, Lonesome by Explosions In The Sky. I just die during the piano parts. So beautiful. There’s nothing like a good piano melody really. How you can imagine the player’s fingers flowing across the keys. The piece practiced so much, and you can tell because of the love that is emanating from the piano. You envision the body swaying as he plays with all his heart, with everything he has in him. Just pouring his soul into his piano. And then the chorus where the guitar comes in and just plays along side the piano perfect harmony together. They play as equals there is no better player just two people that truly love their music and creating something extremely beautiful. Then the drums and cymbols to emphasize the song. Just utter beauty. I cannot stand sitting here and just listening. I need to close my eyes and imagine these things to really appreciate what I’m hearing and listening to. There’s nothing like a good song. One that’s composed, not really messed with in the studio, something raw and from the heart. Something where when it’s played you can tell how much that piece of music, that four minutes meant to the person that created it. You can tell by the power that the notes make. You can feel it down to your bones. Something that is just… so wonderful.
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