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Every light has its own character, like a person. Every light can be used in a different way. Some to see, some as art, some for comfort. A single light in the darkness can bring hope or despair. Light can be beautiful playing across your sheets when you wake as it cascades through the blinds a helpful reminder that the day has begun. It can symbolize the stop of work and the start of relaxation. Sabbath starts when the light from the sun’s rays recedes into the distance and is no more. Blackness holds nothing for anyone, but light… light can give. It can burn into someone’s heart. From forever being in darkness, light can bring life. As a baby is born, the first thing that this baby thinks is why is it so bright? The beauty of bringing this child into the world and the first thing it ever sees is the blinding light of life. Light is what you see when you die. The gates of Heaven greet you with a light only fitting for God. Light brings you into the world, and then takes you away, but not entirely. It gives you comfort after death to know that you have arrived some place beautiful. Light gives hope when the dark consumes. Light can bring beauty. Rainbows are a reflection of light. The way it dances through the trees on a windy day. The Golden Hour when the sun’s light is perfect. The golden color coming through and all you want to do is stare. Sunrises and sunsets entrance us. The colors that start with orange and yellow and then illuminate the sky until it is fully blue. Light helps to see colors. Without light, there would be no beauty, there would be no art, nothing would exist without light. Mountains, monuments, photographs would hold no value, they would be darkness like the rest of he universe. Stars would cease to exist without their light. Light is the driving force of life. Light is beautiful when it brightens up a room otherwise dull. The patterns it makes through windowpanes, the pure natural light that only exists at certain times, one will always remember it, and gasp. Trying to breathe in the light, the beauty of the world, the sun. Light drives life. Without light, life would be darkness.
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