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Sitting in the dark. I look across the room and see nothing but black. A neverending tunnel that sucks me in. The only lights are the computer screen cascading flourescent blue on my face. The only sounds are Sigur Ros as they sing for my eyes to slowly close and the ticking of the continuous clock. Time continues even if you don’t. We sleep, eat, take pictures, go out, come back, think, everything in our little lives, but time plows on, it never stops for regret, despair, jealousy. It only pauses for the greater emotions, it gives you time to remember excitement, happiness, release, bliss, love. But then it goes on its merry way just ticking in the dark. No one is ever truly alone, not in life, not in death. There is always someone close enough at hand. Neighbors, parents sweetly snoring in their beds, the dog sound asleep at your feet, even the spiders and bugs that crawl through your house at night. You are never alone. Never. And there is never complete silence. There is always that distant ticking, that reminder that time is going on, and life is going on. It’s a continuous cycle of living. One dies, another is born. Time just goes… on and on. It will never end or begin. It just is. There in the background, in your thoughts. Lost time and time gained. Time for thoughts and time for actions. Time is the essence of the world. It’s there wherever you are. Around the world. Different time zones, but it’s there ticking away. Even in uncivilized communities, the moon keeps their time. It’s always there as a constant reminder that your life is slowly coming to an end. It shouldn’t make things rushed. Just go on your way and live your life, it will go on even when you’ve passed. You come back and start all over again, but time doesn’t. It’s here, with us all, right now, right where you are, right where I am. We share this. It surpasses language, culture, religion. Time is the universal language.
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Sigur Ros - Takk
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