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I sit listening to the instrumental sounds coming out of my computer speakers and I wonder how can someone make something so beautiful to listen to. I cannot believe one person could hold that much genius to think up and compose this… this gorgeous music. It’s indescribable. It makes me want to do something with my life, like I’m not doing anything worthwhile. I need to show myself that I am worth living, that I will do something to change the world. Change it for the better. I need this. I need acknowledgement. I need to know. Know that everything I’m doing in my life is going to a greater cause. Something has to be out there that I’m working towards to. Everything has to have a reason. It has to. If it doesn’t there is no reason to keep on striving. If it doesn’t even go anywhere. It just leads to a dead end. An end in a hospital bed when your heart beat finally stops. I don’t want that end. Just cold and lifeless. I need to know that there is something after. Something to work to. Something not to fear. I don’t want to fear it, but the world programs us to. To fear the unknown. But why? For what reason? If there’s something after, a bliss, God, Heaven, something. Then we shouldn’t worry. We should work and strive for it. To get to the endless serenity of it all. No fear, just bliss.
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