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Falling asleep just as the sun rises, feeling comfort from the soft light that enters my window and plays magic shadows across my sheets. Falling asleep listening to the Mockingbirds sing their songs mimicking all the sounds in the world; lulling me to sleep. The soft gray blanket I pull up to my neck to keep the bad guys away, its warmth I feel as it covers my whole body, just my little toes sticking out the end because I’m slightly too big for my bed. I can still taste the mint of my toothpaste, the clean feeling in my mouth that beats no other. I start to think of lost conversations and lost loves. The one that got away, but the one I still want back, but will never get. Contemplating the good memories that make me smile and laugh. The one that I hope I will have forever. His face fills my mind, his voice fills my ears, his touch, his smell, and his taste fills my dreams. The only three senses that have not been filled. My imagination has to fill in the blanks that he has not. My whole body years for him to be next to me, my mind does it for me. I dream of him, every part of him. He fills my whole being, in my mind. I don’t ever want to wake up, I don’t want him to leave, but I know he never will… He never will.
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