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Listening to foreign Icelandic tongues as I lay myself to sleep. Lay myself down for a long sleep, something like hibernation begins. I sleep for hours waking and sleeping just the same. Time passes, yet I do not. I stay the same, sleeping, just sleeping away the days. Not noticing crucial things, just carefree and unaware. In a time alone, by myself. Without thoughts, without feelings, without you. It does not discomfort me to know that you’re never going to be there, in my time and space. It just saddens me slightly because I know that you will always be with me in my heart. Lurking at my every turn comforting me on the inside where no one else can touch me. Yet here I stay in my time, with everything passing by, conversations I don’t hear, I just lay in a coma. Waiting for the day that you come and wake me. Make time stand still. Make life worth living. Make me myself again. Back to paying attention, back to living my life, back to you. Your touch, your smell, your taste. I close my eyes and I see you. You are here. Next to me. Holding my hand and kissing my forehead. Your smell, such a divine smell, the smell I wish for every night right before I fall asleep. I’ve imagined it so many times, but here it is, finally, with me now. The senses all fall into place. Your soft touch on my cold hand and your lips finally on mine. Everything comes together in this moment, until I open my eyes and you are gone again. Just a dream, just my imagination getting carried away, once again. It never fails to bring you to me, but when will you actually be here, physically? Soon, I know it. My yearning cannot last forever. I want you body and soul, with me here, and we can share everything together. Life shared between two lone souls. Destined to meet in life and live together. In beautiful harmony. It can’t only be a dream, it just can’t.
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Sigur Ros
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