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Let’s go back, let’s go back in time to where there weren’t any cities, there were only town spread out across miles and miles of country side. Trees still standing tall, blowing in the wind. Grass as tall as your head. No modern machinery. Just working out in the fields everyday, harvesting, growing. Growing just like the crops grow, day turns into week turns into year, multitudes of time pass, and we grow with it. Changing with the seasons. Friendships formed as children, growing with each other, never apart. Forged relationships at birth, never apart except by the gravel road that goes between houses. School is a building with all the kids in town, always together, never apart. The graduating class is only twenty people. Neighbors are close to each other, never apart. We live in a different culture now, where no one is what they used to be, we grow apart, we separate, there are no relationships forged at birth, there is no closeness to speak of. We all live our separate lives, living through the same situations, the same problems, but yet separate. We are not one, not community, all we are now is individuals. Even now, families are different. We sit in front of tvs and eat, not with each other at the dinner table. Conversations that could save father son relationships are not had because of the separateness of the world. Soon enough there will be no contact between us. Everything will be individualized. In the same room, but never speaking, we sit and wait for something, but none of us know what we’re waiting for. The community of us has elapsed, it has gone with the last invention of the fourth generation Iphone. Friends are the acquaintances we have at school, but at home we occupy ourselves in our own lives, not the lives of others. Everything has changed. The people of old would be appalled at where we are today. Honey, I’m home… That phrase is never used. There are more and more single parents. Divorce rules. Nobody stays together, the teens of our age have no hope because of the examples they have been given. Terrible examples. This world has just become so apart. We think we don’t need each other, but we do, deep down, we do. To grow, to develop. To just live, we need contact with other people. But that’s getting taken away from us, and it won’t turn out any better than we think. Life will change, as it always has, and it will keep on changing, but we won’t grow as social people, we will expand our minds in trigonometry and calculus, trying to stuff as much information in, but not getting the social aspect of life. We will become robots. Doing things without emotion. No feeling will exist. Do we really want this?
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